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Bobby Sampsons,
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Letter From Founder - IMLock
Do You Want To Block Websites?
Do you want to block them now?  
One of our clients, an ambulance company,  had received complaints that employees were seen surfing pornography on their phones.   Of course, this had opened up our client to regulatory and publicity concerns.  As you can imagine, they wanted this issue resolved quickly.  

They downloaded and installed IMLock on their field Android Phones and Windows 10 Laptops.  No additional setup was necessary, since IMLock blocks all pornography, and blocks search engine image searches (like Google image search) out of the box.   IMLock also instantly monitors web use from phones and PCs.

The pornography viewing immediately stopped, and the web use was monitored daily.   Management noticed some other sports sites being viewed, and management remotely blocked them on the spot from the IMLock website.  Of course, this gave management peace of mind, and it protected the company.

IMLock installs in seconds, no special training is needed, and no special engineers or networking expertise is required.  

IMLock will help your company also.  Why Wait?  

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